2. awwww-cute:

    He enjoys moonlit walks, romping through fields, and destroying everything in my house

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  3. "I wonder if you ever talk about missing me to anyone."
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  4. frozenfussay:

    Have You Run Your

    Fingers Down The Wall

    And Have You Felt

    Your Neck Skin Crawl

    When You’re Searching

    For The Light?

    Sometimes When You’re

    Scared To Take A Look

    At The Corner Of The Room

    You’ve Sensed That

    Something’s Watching You

    Fear Of The Dark

    Fear Of The Dark

    I Have Constant Fear

    That Something’s Always Near

    Fear Of The Dark

    Fear Of The Dark

    I Have A Phobia

    That Someone’s Always There

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    This x-ray shows the case of an unfortunate woman who happened to have a snake crawl into her vagina, slither through the fallopian tube, and out oast the ovary into her body cavity. It survived unknown for three days until the snake started eating her appendix.

    my anaconda dont

    Can i just say—hoW DO YOU NOT NOTICE THAT??

    probably tought it was just cramps

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  6. frozenfussay:

    There lived a certain man in Russia long ago

    He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow

    Most people looked at him with terror and with fear

    But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear

    He could preach the bible like a preacher

    Full of ecstasy and fire

    But he also was the kind of teacher

    Women would desire


    Lover of the Russian queen

    There was a cat that really was gone


    Russia’s greatest love machine

    It was a shame how he carried on


  7. frozenfussay:

    A raven came to me,

    Spoke to me in my dream.

    A long lost prophecy,

    A forgotten legacy.

    Echoes of yesterday,

    Won’t let these dreams fade away.

    All the beauty I adored,

    At the edge of the world.

    Across the universe,

    Time is to be reversed.

    No shelter can be found,

    To this fate, we are bound!

    Behold the final hour,

    The last times will be dour.

    All life falls into gorge

    Of the end of the world!

  8. vikings-shieldmaiden:

    Floki, the sly, trickster.

  10. pornolisting:


    I’m LOVING my new t-shirt!! \m/

    For those who don’t understand portuguese , it says “Diabos de Samuel no São Mateus” , it’s from a local motard club in a local year fair!